Tunisia Seminar : Space, new horizon for entrepreneurship

Earth observation has contributed to the development of ecosystems all over the world by providing innovative solutions to many sectors. The growth of spatial technologies has reached the Tunisian market where took place an international seminar about space and entrepreneurship.

An international seminar under the theme “Space: a new horizon for entrepreneurship” was organized by Telnet holding group, a Tunisian company specialized in product engineering, innovation and new technologies, Sfax Technopark and SpaceSeed on April 25 and 26, 2018.

The aim of the event was to discuss any possible collaboration between Tunisian entrepreneurs and European operators in the spatial fields, thus, the topics covered was Earth observation, Internet of things, Nano satellite and UAV. The seminar provided answers and use cases about space applications. The costs and funding  were also part of the discussions with the participation of The European space agency.

The city of Sfax welcomed many European companies during the 2 days event : Aerospace Valley, Pwc, IDGeo, U-Space, Maison de la télédétection, TerraNis, Purpan school of agriculture, Weather force and Astrocat.

In addition to the seminar, an interview was set up to present the latest telecommunication and information technologies and the business opportunities in the space industry.